Past Work

MOTG Project

MOTG is a Dutch NGO working with refugees in Greece (Athens, Lesvos, Chios & Samos). Their model involves mobilising the communities that they engage with to be the drivers of more dignified living environments.

For more information about MOTG and the work that they do, please follow this link.

Over the 2021-2022 academic year, we worked with MOTG to design a research study that would enable them to better understand the realities of life in Europe after refugees have left the camp setting. Our aims were to ascertain the impact that the organisation made on the lives of refugees they had worked with in terms employment and education opportunities, social support, and mental health outcomes. MOTG is currently making use of this study to collect the relevant data, and its results will help inform their strategy going forward.

To read the project synopsis, please see this page.