Project Mentor Job Description

Project Mentor Role and Responsibilities

AY 2022-2023

Position Title: Project Mentor

Position Description: Project Mentors attach themselves to a team and provide guidance and feedback that the team can use to shape the project. Mentors are to take a detached role and will not be involved in any direct research or deliverable-creation.



  • Be available to the attached team to respond to queries and advise on the direction that the team suggests to tackle the research question

  • Review the deliverables that the team produces, and provide pointers for improvement

  • Interpret the direction provided by the stakeholder, and give input to the team about how to provide research that responds to the

  • Attend meetings with the FTRU Project Manager to discuss the team’s progress and raise any relevant matters to FTRU’s attention

  • Attend FTRU organization-wide meetings or social events

Time Commitment: This role will entail about 1 hour of reviewing the team’s work per week, and up to 1 hour of meetings per week. The average week will include 2 hours of work, though select weeks may vary based on project progress and timelines.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Several years of experience in the development or humanitarian sectors

  • Knowledge of research design, methods, and planning

  • Passion for development!

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