Project Member Job Description

Project Member Role and Responsibilities

AY 2022-2023

Position Title: Project Team Member

Position Description: Project team members work in teams of 3-6 researchers under the direction of the team leader to conduct a targeted research project in collaboration with an NGO. Team members will collaborate on research design, methodology decisions, research, and report compilation.



  • Attend weekly or biweekly team meetings

  • Communicate with representative(s) from NGO to receive information and resources informing research, update on progress, and discuss possible refinements

  • Execute research in small chunks per week (for example, one week may consist of “spend 1.5 hours reading about X and write 2-paragraph summary”)

  • Attend FTRU organization-wide meetings or social events

Time Commitment: This role will entail 2.5 hours of research per week and up to 2 hours of meetings per week (team meetings may occur weekly or every other week; FTRU/NGO meetings may be once or twice a month). The average week will include 4-5 hours of work, though select weeks may vary based on project progress and timelines.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Passion for development and willingness to learn

  • Some previous research experience and understanding of research design and methods

  • Strong writing skills and attention to detail

  • Strong ability to collaborate with others

Why Join From the Roots Up?

Experience developing and conducting a short-term, low time commitment research project in the development field, with real-world implications

→ Experience being part of a research team in think-team setting

→ Build connections and relationships with NGOs

→ Gain a better understanding of NGOs and how they work