Project Leader Job Description

Project Leader Role and Responsibilities

AY 2022-2023

Position Title: Project Team Leader

Position Description: Team leaders direct teams of about 3-6 researchers in conducting a targeted research project in collaboration with an NGO. Leader will collaborate with team on research design, methodology decisions, and report compilation. They will provide advice, guidance, oversight, and direction to team.



  • Schedule and run weekly or biweekly meetings with research team to develop project plan and ensure progress on a rolling basis

  • Send out meeting agendas in advance of team meetings and follow-up each meeting via email with summary and list of follow-up tasks per person, with deadlines

  • Execute research and assign different research tasks to team members

  • Liaison with representative(s) from NGO to receive information and resources informing research, update on progress, and discuss possible refinements

  • Attend meetings with FTRU Project Manager to discuss research plan and progress

  • Attend FTRU organization-wide meetings or social events

Time Commitment: This role will entail about 1.5 hours of administration per week, 1.5 hours of research per week, and up to 2 hours of meetings per week (team meetings may occur weekly or biweekly; FTRU/NGO meetings may occur 2-3x/month). The average week will include 4-5 hours of work, though select weeks may vary based on project progress and timelines.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

  • Previous research experience in social sciences

  • Knowledge of research design, methods, and planning

  • Some prior learning about development theory and discourse as well as best practices

  • Well-organized with strong communication and collaboration skills

  • Goal-oriented with ability to maintain project priorities

  • Passion for development!

Why Join From the Roots Up?

→ Experience developing and conducting a short-term, low time commitment research project in the development field, with real-world implications

→ Experience leading a research team in think-team setting

→ Build connections and relationships with NGOs

→ Gain a better understanding of NGOs and how they work